If anything else, the songs are very nice in Devil.

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So while I bemoan the pacing from mid show, I stuck around…cos the soundtracks are worth it. (and I downloaded the entire OST in my iPhone)

Besides the soundtrack, the other possible pull factor from Devil is likely the cast, & their easy camaraderie on screen. Jung Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong have both acted together not so very long ago in Life on Mars, and they carry their bickering, feisty relationship into Devil, with the latter playing a devil…who manages to win your heart.


Yep, ironically…I vì chưng find myself agreeing with Mr Devil at times. But this is likely due khổng lồ the narrative painting Ryu as a misunderstood/ misguided ex-Angel, rather than a supernatural being who is just pure evil. During Ryu-Ha Rib’s theological discourse(s), it is hard not lớn sympathise & sometimes take the side of Ryu. He was cast out from Heaven cos he interfered in “God’s will”, by saving a human boy from a (human) fiend. Although not many details are provided, what Ryu did was against the iron cast laws and regulations from “up there”. Hence his punishment, và his subsequent disgruntlement at the unfairness of it.

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Interestingly, Ryu’s theory that God probably doesn’t really care either way sounds a tad too close for comfort. He puts into words the rather controversial argument of why there are rampant wars, corruption, etcetc…if God does “care”. Và tbf, quái dị Kong’s explanation that God included free will into Man during His creation…sounds a bit weak as a counter-argument. Especially if said “free will” of Man is to hanker after power, & to use it to lớn oppress the weak.

Though kết thúc of the day (or story), Devil does somewhat manage lớn lasso this argument around by redeeming our main character — Ha Rib — và also several side characters who had sold their souls for “power”. But we also learn that not every signed contract is for material gains. Ha Rib and Chief Kang both signed on the dotted line for the sake of their child. Whether for selfish reasons or not, Ha Rib, Chief Kang, và even Kang Ha (who didn’t sell his soul, but is running away from his corrupted past), succumbs khổng lồ their souls’ generated conscience, which eventually gnaws at them long enough to allow them to see the foolishness of their past actions.


So while a soul may be a rather pesky ball of light (I lol-ed at how ex-CEO Lee mercilessly slams a book on his soul lượt thích a cockroach..ow), in Devil, it is something you will miss when you thua kém it. (or are on the verge of losing it) So much so that even Ryu kinda wistfully longs for one (if he ever HAD one) after rubbing shoulders with Ha Rib and Seo-young.