“Always be careful about what you say” is a phrase that everyone should heed to. Unfortunately, someone forgot khổng lồ tell that lớn one of the staff members on MBC’s variety show “We Got Married Season 4.

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” The show’s producers had to issue an official apology after a behind the scenes đoạn phim posted on their site unexpectedly revealed that the one of the staff members had cursed about SHINee’s Taemin during an interview segment with his program partner, Son mãng cầu Eun.

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 On November 20, the “We Got Married” team posted a series of behind the scenes videos on their official website. This is fairly standard affair for most MBC variety shows và can be considered as a type of fan hâm mộ service for viewers that are clamoring lớn see more of their favorite shows. However, this time the videos revealed a lot more than what the staff obviously wanted lớn reveal. 

The đoạn clip in question was an unaired portion of an interview that involved Son mãng cầu Eun crying due to a surprise camera segment carried out by Taemin during an episode a few weeks ago. During this video, a staff member behind the camera can be distinctly heard uttering a curse word that is directed at Taemin, with the exact phrasing roughly meaning “He’s a son of a certain four legged animal that is man’s best friend.” 


Fans quickly took khổng lồ the message boards khổng lồ express their displeasure, with the official messages boards being inundated with complaints about the video. As of writing, there is over 10 pages of complaints on the message boards regarding the đoạn clip in question.

The video in question was pulled from the site & a representative for the show has told the press that they are “Deeply sorry for the fans and viewers that have been hurt by this.” As for why this happened in the first place, the representative has stated that a female staff thành viên had said the above comment in an effort to lớn comfort Son mãng cầu Eun, who was crying quite sadly during the interview. They continued khổng lồ explain that there is a lot of young staff members on the show, & that it appeared that the staff members và cast are on such good terms that they speak rather freely with each other. They reaffirmed the fact that there was no malice behind the comment, & that they are deeply sorry to lớn the fans và for not cutting it out during editing.


A representative from A Cube Entertainment (Representing A Pink & Son mãng cầu Eun) has told news truyền thông media outlet, TV Daily, that during the only people present during the interview were Son na Eun & the staff members,so they don’t have a precise understanding of the situation at that time. They have however said that “It appears that the staff were probably trying lớn comfort mãng cầu Eun.”

The episode in question also caused our resident “We Got Married” recapper, CallMeN00NA, khổng lồ be rather disappointed in Taemin as well during her recap of this particular episode. But certainly not lớn the extent of cursing at him. 

So the staff have apologized and have offered a somewhat understandable reasoning behind the incident. So is that the kết thúc of that? Unfortunately not. Fans have also found a behind the scenes clip where a staff members can be heard telling Taemin lớn “read out the script exactly,” once again reigniting long standing claims that the show follows a very strict script for its couples. It is a claim that has been made for years now, with previous couples & staff having denied these allegations repeatedly. The staff have yet khổng lồ make a statement regarding this particular issue as they are still trying to giảm giá with the cursing issue, but this has the potential of being a bigger issue for the show in the long run.