To the moon: With its title VIEW 2018, Trip to lớn the Moon this year includes three stages representing the hotdemo electronic dance music genres in 2018.

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HÀ NỘI —Young Hanoians can enjoy a music banquet when they participate in "Trip to the Moon"—an outdoor electronic music festival lớn be held in the capital city’s Hồ Tây (West lake)WaterParkthis weekkết thúc.

The event—part of the Vietphái mạnh Electronic Weekover 2018—will present a series of electronic music performances with a combination of traditional & modern features, the organiser, Connected Agency, said on Facebook.

The festival seeks khổng lồ combine traditional elements such as the lion dance, starlight procession and ethnic musical instruments with the young & modern spirit reflected in electronic sounds—the music that is dominating music charts over the world.

Entitled VIEW 2018, the third annual Trip khổng lồ the Moon festival this year will take place on Sunday, with three stages representing the hotkiểm tra electronic dance music genres in 2018.

Electronic dance music, also known as EDM, dance music, club music or simply dance, is a broad range of percussive sầu electronic music genres made largely for nightclubs, raves và festivals.

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On the first stage, Trap-House music will be the focus, combined with the iconic lion dance which is also the major theme of the mid-autumn festival.

With a global standard of sound & lighting laser system, theperformance will be directed in the most elaborateand majestic ways khổng lồ satisfy the audience, the organiser said on its Facebook.

On the second stage, audiences who are fans of Trance music will have sầu a great experience with "Transmission Miniature".

The stage will be designed with folk colours featuring the the image of traditional characters of crúc Cuội (bro Cuội) and chị Hằng (sister Hằng) plus the virtual magic of light, accompanying the performance of the favorite of festival Transmission Bangkok—Ben Nicky, the Trance ibé from the UK.

The final stage will present Techno.

Yellow Claw—the b& of two of the best-selling DJs in the world—will persize at the event & is expected to turn the music stages into lớn a chất lượng “music domain" for the audience.

The Brvà of Yellow Claw, Blood for Mercy, has become the "guarantee stamp" for chất lượng & charisma at any events in which they participate, said the organiser. — VNS

Taking off: Vietphái mạnh Electronic Weekend 2018 will present a series of performances with a monumental combination of traditional & modern features.