The level và creativity of Korean dramas are different and that’s why I love these dramas so much. The horror or the romance in these dramas are too high which makes audience khổng lồ love these types of dramas but here I lớn discuss more about Strangers from Hell or other name of this series is Hell is other People because the main character is surrounded by strange people and when you start watching this show it is more of creepy type rather than scary one.

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This horror drama is amazing lớn watch on Netflix & if you are a lover of horror series then Strangers from Hell is the best 2019 drama series lớn watch which features yên Si- wan and Lee Dong-wook. The series is based on the webtoon series of the same name written by Kim Yong-ki.

This South Korean drama is a combination of film & drama formats which was released on August 31, 2019 & ended in the same year on October 6, 2019.


It is a Psychological thriller drama which is developed by OCN và written by Jung Yi-do.

Lee Chang-hee is the director of this scary but creepy drama which has 10 episodes in its first season and the drama released in South Korean in its original Language.

Woo quý phái Film & Studio N are the production companies behind its production và Kim Woo- sang, Kwon Mi- Kyung are the producers of this drama và the drama is released by OCN as it is the distributor or the original network khổng lồ release the series.


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Lee Dong Wook Is A Total Creeper In “Hell Is Other People” and Viewers Can’t Handle It

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Who are the Cast Members of Strangers from Hell?

These are the cast members who contributed khổng lồ this kdrama & these two are the main characters of this series.

Yoon Jong-woo, a writer who came khổng lồ Seoul to vị a job and is suffering from loss of money finds a low or cheap apartment named Eden, played by yên Si- wan.Seo Moon-jo is played by Lee Dong-wook và he plays the role of dentist & lives in room no. 304.Shin Jae-ho is played by phụ vương Rae-hyung.Park Byeong-min by Kim Han-jong.Oh Hye-won as Son Yoo-jeong.Eom Bok-soon is played by Lee Jung-eun and she is the owner of Eden Dormitory và he has curly hair.Yoo Gi-Hyeok role is played by Lee Hyun-wook and Yoo Gi lives in 302 room no.Byeon Deuk-jong and Byeon Deuk-soo, twin brothers are played by Park Jong-hwan but the unique of both brothers are different.Hong Nam-bok is played by Lee Jong-ok & leaves his door open and is always busy watching adult movies.

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There are also other members who contributed in this series which makes the movie amazing và it earned good ratings on IMDB.

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Strangers from Hell Story

Strangers from Hell, Korean 10 episode drama revolves around a young man named Yoon Jong Woo who is in his 20s and he moved to Seoul when he was offered a job in a company as an intern.

This job is provided by his friend and he is finding an apartment to live in the same đô thị where his girlfriend lives and he is forced to live in a cheap apartment because he is facing the money và he didn’t had enough one to lớn live in a clean apartment, so at last he finds a Eden Studio where he can lives which limited money & wants lớn live there until he earns enough for his living.

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This place is messy & dirty, and the corridors are not clean. Meanwhile the people living in this apartment are so strange but he has lớn live with those abnormal people because he has no other option and has khổng lồ tolerate all this until he earns good money.

In this apartment he has to mô tả the kitchen và bathroom with another person và the condition of the bathroom và walls are so bad.

But it didn’t affect Jong Woo as he wanted lớn live there but mysterious things started to happen in that apartment and horror started in that residence.

This movie also won Cable Tv Broadcasting Awards in the category of Grand Prize in 2020.

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Strangers from Hell Trailer

If you also want lớn listen lớn the soundtracks of this series then listen khổng lồ it on Spotify.

If you lượt thích this show then you will also wanted to lớn watch similar series, Then watch-

Squid Game, High Class Season 2, Young Lady và Gentleman, the Second husband & many more.

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Will we Strangers from Hell Season 2?

Sorry, there is no official announcement regarding the new season of Strangers from Hell at the time of writing this article but there are equal chances of its renewal or its cancellation. So nothing is cleared about season 2 of this kdrama series.

Strangers From Hell: Ratings & Reviews


The show earned 7.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDB & the show is loved by many but now the question arises when we will get the new season of this horror và creepy drama. Episode no. 7 and 9 are the top rated episodes of the first season & the drama received 81 users review written about it.

4.2 out of 5 is scored by the Strangers from hell series on goodreads.

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