There have been speculations that tuy vậy Joong Ki and song Hye Kyo are likely to lớn get back together ...

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Song Joong Ki and song Hye Kyo are among the most successful tandems in the history of K-drama. Their reel-to-real love story sent fans into a frenzy as they truly look good together both on-cam and off-cam. However, the Song-Song couple also shocked everyone when they announced their divorce in 2019.

Recently, there have been speculations that tuy nhiên Joong Ki and tuy vậy Hye Kyo are likely to get back together more than two years since their infamous divorce. Are these reunion rumors true? Keep on reading to know more.

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Are tuy nhiên Joong Ki And song Hye Kyo Getting Back Together?

Speculations have it that song Joong Ki and song Hye Kyo have been hinting at a possible reunion after their divorce two years ago. Rumors claimed that the Descendants of the Sun stars have been posting some related photos on their respective Instagram pages.

For example, tuy vậy Joong Ki shared a photo of a sunset from his hit K-drama series Vincenzo. After that, avid followers of the Arthdal Chronicles actor noticed that tuy nhiên Hye Kyo also published an image of the sunset.

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Making it more interesting is the fact that song Hye Kyo did not write a caption & turned off the bình luận section just like Song Joong Ki. The gesture made their devoted supporters suspicious of what she exactly meant.

While many of their fans believe that it is simply a coincidence, others think that song Joong Ki and tuy nhiên Hye Kyo are giving clues that they could get back together. There are also a few who think that the Song-Song couple using the same social truyền thông media platform could have a significant meaning.

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While it is not impossible for tuy nhiên Joong Ki and tuy vậy Hye Kyo khổng lồ reunite as a couple, it should be noted that neither of them has confirmed anything as of this writing. So, avid followers of the Descendants of the Sun stars should take everything lightly until these unverified claims are proven true & correct.

"There is an sự kiện called Korea International Accessible Dance Festival" which is taking place for the sixth time. It is an event in which children with congenital disabilities express their own emotions và feelings with their bodies through beautiful dances along with everyone who became disabled due to an unexpected accident overcome human limits through this dance festival. This is an international sự kiện but is not well-known khổng lồ the public. In addition, we seriously needed promotion for this year"s festival because of the COVID19 pandemic. Then a miracle happened."

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The unnamed source said he did not hear from tuy vậy Joong Ki for several weeks. However, the former husband of tuy vậy Hye Kyo surprised the netizen after he sent the video clip after a month. In the video, Joong Ki said:

"I want to lớn first congratulate the Korea International Accessible Dance Festival on its sixth year. Although we are all going through a difficult time, the dancers" passion and efforts to be on stage along with everyone"s love and interest will surely help us overcome this period."

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The unidentified insider said tuy nhiên Joong Ki has a very good personality. He added that the volunteers & his associates were so touched that tuy nhiên Hye Kyo"s ex-lover fulfilled their request.