In 2016, the sweet pairing of Park Shin Hye và Kyên Rae Won sprung a once in a lifetime love sầu story in SBS drama, Doctors

Profoundly sweet và inspiring, Doctors gives a heartening dose of life lessons about growth we wanted to lớn keep cthua kém in your hearts.

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Headlined by acclaimed stars Park Shin Hye and Kyên Rae Won, the năm 2016 hit series garnered 22.02% viewership rating in its last episode while maintaining high ratings every episodes. Proving global popularity, Doctors held an international broadcast in various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, United States, Vietphái mạnh & Philippines. 

Starring Park Shin Hye, Kyên Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung và Yoon Kyun Sang, Doctors boasts a star-studded cast lineup. This includes renowned stars such as Klặng Young Ae, Eom Hyo Seop, Baek Sung Hyun and Kim Min Suk, to lớn name a few. Notably, this also marked the reunion of Park Shin Hye và Baek Sung Hyun since Stairway To Heaven in 2003. 

Penned by screenwriter Ha Myung Hee & directed by Oh Choong Hwan, Doctors is a light watch medical romance drama. It generally speaks about how real encounters changes a person’s life. 


Quiông chồng Plot Roundup

Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) is a wayward high school delinquent who came from a harsh background. Lacking from her parents’ love và affection, Hye Jung grew up as a troublemaker. Due to her childhood scars, Hye Jung struggles opening up to lớn people even to lớn her closest ones. 

However, soon as she cross paths with Hong Ji Hong (Kyên Rae Won), who later became her teacher & mentor, Hye Jung changes. She transforms from being a hopeless teenage girl inlớn a compassionate neurosurgeon with a well-achieved career. 



Lingering Life Lessons

Though having a prosaic plot makes it not an engaging watch for some, nonetheless, it scores high by giving importance to lớn raw human emotions. The mentor-mentee relationship between the main leads spawns a whole new kind of watching experience. This is mainly because of the degree of maturity in relationship the two have.

It is not the usual save-me-from-my-mess female lead trope. The heroine instead embraces the hardships that come her way as means for her growth. Meanwhile, compared to the typical egotistic & emotionally infantile male lead trope, Hong Ji Hong is a total game changer. 

Despite having tragic and miserable pasts, they grew up completely gentle và warmhearted – far from the unfair treatment they received from their own relatives in the past. They always make way for things that matters for their personal growth – career, romantic relationship và family. 

The lessons it conveys is way remarkable & meaningful. Most importantly, it exposes the negative effects of experiencing the harshest things in life.Yet again, it still reminds that good things & beautiful moments will come. 


Here are some of the characters’ hard-hitting yet inspiring messages:Don’t try to be a person someone likes. Become a person you can lượt thích. -Hong Ji Hong

This quote reminds us that we should live sầu based on our own means & standards. More importantly, it wishes lớn say that the we should live our lives not for other people but for ourselves. To become a person of our own requires acceptance và courage that only us can provide. 

Seo Woo (Lee Sung Kyung) struggled due to lớn her manipulative parents & became a person she, herself, hated. But soon as she learned lớn live sầu for herself và break miễn phí from the standards set by her parents, the burdens in her heart cleared out. 


“Life is not about waiting for a storm to pass but learning khổng lồ dance in the rain.” -Hong Ji Hong

An original quote from Vivian Greene, Hong Ji Hong enlightens everyone through these reassuring words. In life, unfortunate và difficult things happen, but lượt thích storms, it will soon pass in due time. The true meaning of life is looking for the good things we can get from experiencing such struggles. It gives a beanhỏ of hope that life should and will still goes on, and that we should go with the tide.

The scene where Ji Hong & Hye Jung is on a date when it suddenly rained. Sheltering on a telephone booth, Ji Hong invited Hye Jung a dance under the rain. Through having similar circumstances, both became each other’s comfort và safe haven. Instead of being pessimistic, they learned the power of optimism. Both learn và grow on their own while having each other’s back. 


“It’s not always your loved ones that mend your wounded heart. It could be one of the people whom we cross paths with” -Hong Ji Hong 

Wounds are quite ironic. The exact wound a person has can heal someone else’s wound. Same goes the other way around with healing other people’s wound through your own wounds.

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When Hae & Dal’s father (Nam Goong Min) is about khổng lồ end his life, Hye Jung related herself with hyên. Through the certain words rooted from her past miseries, Nam Ba Ram regains hope & strength to fight for his two sons. 



Kim Soo Chul (Ji Soo) & Hye Jung first met each other at a nightclub by chance. Having his first glance to Hye Jung, Soo Chul made his moves on her. Completely unimpressed with the strong and attractive sầu guy, Hye Jung spurned hlặng. 

But, as the saying goes, “looks can be deceiving”, Soo Chul turned out to lớn be caring và gentle, far from his brusque manner of speaking and bad boy looks. As Hye Jung starts relying on Soo Chul, they naturally became friends. However, after the death of Hye Jung’s grandmother, they lost contact. After thirteen years, when Hye Jung is now a neurosurgeon, Soo Chul appeared as a proud father of his son. 

The two decided lớn catch up the years they have sầu missed being together through a lunch out. Suddenly as they are on their way, Soo Chul got hit by a oto. 


Nam Goong Min as Nam Ba Ram

As expected from the outstanding actor, Nam Goong Min’s cameo stood out for me the most. The hardworking single dad plot had me in bucket of tears.

His two sons suffer from different disease at the same time. Due khổng lồ life burdens; being physically exhausted, financially unstable, & having two sons lớn take care off, he opted on committing suicide. Later on, he recovered from his unfortunate situation và by the help of Hye Jung, he found hope in living for his sons. 


Lee Sang Yeob as Kyên ổn Woo Jin

Kyên Woo Jin was with his wife on their way khổng lồ their wedding when they suddenly get caught in car accident. His wife who was completely unconscious, was pregnant. Later on she suffered semi-coma. 

Though the obstetrician confirmed that the fetus was healthy, the injuries her wife received from the accident are too severe. The only thing that Klặng Woo Jin held on is his decision to lớn wait until the baby arrive. While his wife is barely hanging, the baby was safely delivered. 

As he arrived in the hospital, he witnessed his wife’s vital signs decline. While holding her hands tight, he finally tells her that the words he wasn’t able to lớn say when she was still alive sầu, “I love you”. In a few moments, his wife passes away.


Series Afterthoughts & Recommendation

The early episodes of Doctors were full of exciting moments, reasonably crowning the most re-watchable scenes of the show. Fighting a mob of gangsters with bare hands, caught red-handed for stealing, starting a riot in a bar – Park Shin Hye made quite an impression for me. 

Although the intensity lapsed in the latter episodes, the episodic patient story line earned its winning points. The heart breaking stories of every patients they came across with taught them lessons which eventually moved the plot forward.


Becoming the driving force of the show, the sweet romance from Park Shin Hye & Kim Rae Won was a sure watch. Since it is not the conventional K-Drama romance mood, with distrustful couples and noble idiocy, the whole concept presented a sensible love sầu story. 

Though the initial revenge plot loose its power, the heart-fluttering romance, poignant scenes with a dose of comical breather from the hospital cast members provided relish and satisfaction. 

By depicting and interpreting different people’s perspective, Doctors ascertains that a person’s growth depends on what kind of person he/she encounters. 

“True relationships can change people. The person I’m involved with can transform my life. That is why people can be both sources of hope and despair.” Yoo Hye Jung

Doctors is available on Viu.