Kim Ji-won is currently winning hearts as Lee Eun-oh in "Lovestruông chồng in the City". As she continues to lớn win hearts, take a look at her interesting facts.

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Interesting facts about Kim Ji-won

Kim Ji-won is one of the most popular South Korean actresses. The actress enjoys a massive sầu người following worldwide. She is currently winning hearts as Lee Eun-oh in the popular drama 'Lovestruchồng in the City'. She stars alongside Ji Chang-wook who is essaying the role of Park Jae-won. The two episodes have sầu been aired & fans are already in love sầu with Ji Chang-wook and Kyên Ji-won's incredible performance and chemistry. Fans can't wait for the upcoming episodes & we totally understvà why! Kyên ổn Ji-won earlier gained attention through her roles in TV series The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, Fight for My Way and Arthdal Chronicles. She delivered spectacular performances in each drama & successfully established herself as an actress. As we eagerly look forward khổng lồ seeing her in the upcoming episodes of Lovestruck in the City, here's a các mục of unknown facts about the star.

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Appeared in Younha"s music video

Before venturing into the acting industry, Kyên ổn Ji-won planned to lớn debut as an idol under the stage name JessicaK. For the uninitiated, she even appeared in singer-songwriter Younha's music đoạn Clip for the tuy vậy 'Gossip Boy'. She has no regrets on giving up on her singing career to lớn pursue acting.

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Kindergarten teacher

When she made an appearance on the Naver's V Live sầu talk show 'Actor & Chatter', she revealed that if not an actress, she would have sầu become a Kindergarten teacher. The actress mentioned that she likes little kids và wants khổng lồ spkết thúc time with them và receive sầu good energy.

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The Heirs

She has starred in many dramas but it wasn't until she co-starred in The Heirs as Rachel Yoo that she became even more popular. Since then, she has been winning hearts with her incredible performances in hit dramas.

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Dating rumours with Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon & Kyên Ji-won were rumoured khổng lồ be dating after they starred together in Fight for My Way. Talking about the dating rumours, Park Seo-joon said that he believes the rumours started from the notes they wrote on each other's scripts which read "Dong Man, I love sầu you' and 'Ae Ra, I love sầu you' and clarified that whenever he finish a project, he always exchange notes with his partner.

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On social media

The actress is not very active sầu on social truyền thông. Talking about the same, she said that she is the type to separate her personal life from her work life. Though she is not very active sầu, she enjoys a great người following on Instagram.

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Ideal Man

Talking about her Ikhuyến mãi type, she once revealed that she doesn't specifically have sầu an igiảm giá type but hopes he would be someone who is warm và thoughtful.