Park hae jin talks about feeling shy while filming kiss scenes with kim min jung for "man to man"

Park Hae-jin và Park Sung-woong in a scene from the teaser for JTBC"s "Man to lớn Man." Drama
Actor Park Hae-jin, who played secret agent cum bodyguard in JTBC drama "Man to Man," has recently revealed that he finds it easier lớn work with men than women. The actor also said he"s scared of ghosts.

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As noted by trang web Soompi, South Korean actor Park Hae-jin gave an interview recently, where he talked about why he has a preference for male co-stars. "I"m still more comfortable acting with men. I"m really weak with romance. Thankfully, the romance in "Man lớn Man" was a part of my character"s plan," he said.

The reason behind his apparent discomfort with romantic scenes is also a personal one. "It"s been a long time since I"ve sầu dated in real life, so it"s difficult for me lớn express the tingly feelings that new lovers feel. Filming lãng mạn scenes is something I struggle with," the 34-year-old actor said.

In March, last year, Hae-jin sat down for an interview with Chinese truyền thông media outlet Simãng cầu, noted Allkpop. The actor had then revealed his type saying, "I like women who are similar to lớn me. If you have similar hobbies, you have things to talk about. I also want to have sầu a relationship with someone who"s comfortable like a frikết thúc rather than a passionate love."

In his lathử nghiệm interview, when Hae-jin was asked whether he has any plans to begin dating again, he responded, "I would definitely date if I liked someone. I"m not staying single on purpose." The actor had actually believed at one point that he"ll get married by 35, since it is a good age to start a family.

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"I"ve said in a lot of interviews that I want to get married at 35. However, isn"t it impossible for someone who is at 35"s door to lớn get married right away? Of course, tomorrow someone could appear và we could get married, but right now I"m not thinking about marriage," the actor had said last year.

Park Hae-jin also revealed some more interesting facts about himself. "I try not to lớn use a toàn thân double if I"m just running or rolling around. I can even bởi vì car flip stunts. Am I fearless? No. I"m really scared of ghosts. I"m a scaredy-cát," he said. This, coupled with his previous confession that he is lượt thích a nagging middle-aged woman in real-life, makes hyên quite an interesting personality indeed.

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Park Hae-jin will be next scene in a new drama called "Four Sons" about a female detective sầu who finds out that the man she loved and lost, had quadruplet brothers. Each of the brothers would be played by Park Hae-jin và the drama will air pre-filmed.

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