5 Things We Want In Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 (& 5 We Don't) Season 2 of Ouran High School Host Club is still just a dream, but if that dream ever materializes this is 5 things we want from it, and 5 we don"t.Quý Khách sẽ xem: Ouran highschool host club season 2: release date, characters, trailer & all you need to lớn know

Ouran High School Host Club is one of the most beloved Shoujo animes and is seen by many as a classic of the genre. Even though the show"s first season ended way baông chồng in 2006, dedicated fans still watch the first season on Netflix while dreaming of a second season. In a recent interview at last year"s Anime Expo, creator Bisco Hatori voiced her interest in seeing a season two come to fruition as well.

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With all of the rumors flying around, it is no wonder that people are voicing their opinions on what would make a continuation of the show fly or flop. Here are 5 things fans would love lớn see in a new season of Ouran, & 5 that we could live sầu without.

Because the anime and the manga were being worked on simultaneously, episodes began airing faster than Hatori could write chapters of the manga. This put áp lực on Studio Bones to add khổng lồ the story themselves, và they took liberties in creating an ending that neatly wrapped up the first season.

Since then, the manga continued, adding zany new storylines & deepening character relationships. The creators would have sầu to figure out how to lớn work around the anime"s original ending, but using the manga as source material would offer an abundance of opportunities for new animated content, with arcs covering everything from athletic fairs lớn fashion thiết kế.

Season one of Ouran covered as much content as was available khổng lồ it at the time, but it still skips over và leaves out several stories from different chapters of the manga. While the season is excellent despite the exclusion of these potential scenes, its limited selection makes the show far less in-depth than its written sibling.

One of the worst things a new season could vị is to try and tốc độ through as much of the manga as possible while leaving out vital chapters that add profundity lớn the characters" experiences.

There"s a lot of crossover between those who love sầu Ouran with lovers of the Fruits Basket series, which aired in 2001. The latter Shoujo anime was very popular in its time, but it never completed the storylines it established & gradually became outdated.

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In 2019, however, Fruits Basket was rebooted, & its modernized art style, animation, & promise of another season have sầu made the new version of the show widely successful. Because Ouran is almost fourteen years old, it would make sense for Studio Bones to lớn want khổng lồ start the show from scratch in a similar fashion, giving them more liberty khổng lồ revamp the series before giving us the long-awaited season two.

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7 Don"t Want: Different Voice Actors

One major problem with creating a new season so long after the original is that the original voice actors are also older. Their voices or style of speech may have changed too much over time, or they may simply be unavailable khổng lồ be part of the series once again.

One major factor in the success of Ouran"s anime is how well the show"s creators balanced comedic và dramatic elements of the story. The show is mostly lighthearted and fun, and its characters push the limits of Shoujo stereotypes khổng lồ bring out their funniest aspects.

When the show does get serious, it does so in a way that doesn"t feel forced, as viewers learn that the stereotypical characters have sầu depth và complexities. For a second season lớn be successful, it would have to lớn be able to lớn find the perfect combination of comedic and moving without leaning too much in one direction.

5 Don"t Want: The Zuka Club

Out of all the plotlines that the anime follows, the worst has lớn be the Zuka club from Lobelia Academy, an all-female counterpart khổng lồ Ouran High. They are a performance group & the idols of their school, but their singing is annoying và their acting isn"t good. All that leaves them with is their strange flirting with fans và their obsession with stealing Haruhi away from the host club so that they can no longer "corrupt her."

Obviously representing overzealous radical feminists, their zest for gender eunique is taken too far over the top. These characters are hardly likable, & getting rid of them for the new season would be a gift for all who don"t want khổng lồ sit through their grating scenes.

In episode 5 of the first season, Hikaru và Kaoru dye their hair bright pink và xanh to be told apart during their fight. The twins are two of the most compelling characters in terms of backstory, and they become more dimensional as they must sort out their competing feelings for Haruhi & what that may mean for their close-knit brotherhood.

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Hikaru"s character grows & changes even more throughout the manga, & he eventually dyes his hair dark brown to lớn show his newfound individuality. Season 2 would have sầu ample room to lớn explore the depths of the twins" characters, và showing Hikaru with brown hair as opposed khổng lồ its bright orange would certainly be poignant in the art of the animation.

3 Don"t Want: Outdated Language

Despite being incredibly progressive sầu in its representation of gender & sexuality, Ouran has certain problematic aspects that wouldn"t fly with a modern audience. In particular, the show has cross-dressing male characters, such as Haruhi"s father, who are labeled with a word that is today used as an offensive slur.

This might have been acceptable in 2006, but today"s audience is more critical of this word choice, which negatively impacts the show"s message about accepting gender fluidity. In a new season released in a new decade, it would be best lớn get rid of any language in the show that didn"t age well.

This might sound greedy, but after waiting so long for a second season of this well-loved series, fans deserve sầu a promise of the anime"s continuation by the kết thúc of the second season. There is so much great content available lớn animate, và the story wraps up in such a fulfilling way that not completing the host club"s story would be a tragedy.

Plus, there"s enough anticipation for the show that undoubtedly the second season would be very successful, making a third season all the better for Studio Bones" reputation. A third season could be announced at the kết thúc of the final episode or even a bit later by press release, but leaving us hanging for another fourteen years would be far too cruel.

1 Don"t Want: Any More False Rumors

Many frantic Google searches và scouring of web1_news pages have sầu ended in deep disappointment, but fans still stay hopeful nonetheless. The reactions lớn these rumors prove sầu just how popular the show truly is, & could be if it continued.