In case you haven’t heard, South Korean drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay has been all the rage these days, và we can see why.

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Besides the captivating và heartwarming storyline và heartthrob Klặng Soo-hyun, the show also stars Seo Yea-ji.

Keep scrolling as we tell you more about her — some facts about this elegant beauty could surprise you.

1. She became an actress by chance 


Born on June 4, 1990 (a Gemini!), Yea-ji was relatively unknown internationally before It’s Okay To Not Be Okay aired. Many even thought she was a newbie. In fact, she has been in showbiz for seven years.

Some productions you can catch her in include Mooryên School: Saga of the Brave (2016), Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016), Save sầu Me (2017), and Lawless Lawyer (2018).

Her debut story began when she was discovered after she returned khổng lồ Korea from Spain where she was studying to lớn get orthodontic surgery. Yea-ji’s initial ambition was lớn be a news anchor.

She was not mentally prepared lớn be an actress & coupled with her family’s wish for her lớn complete her studies, she returned khổng lồ Spain & only became an actress in Korea after graduation.

2. She finds it difficult lớn gain weight 


Yea-ji is 169centimet tall, weighs 43kilogam, và has a waist kích cỡ of 22 inches.

She once revealed that she finds it difficult to gain weight. Her mother and sister also have a similar slender build. She doesn’t skip meals to thảm bại weight và had even gained two kilograms for the role.

3. She's noted for her elegance 


Popular variety show host Yoo Jae-suk once praised Yea-ji for possessing an unconventional beauty. Her cool, noble temperament exudes a chất lượng charm on-screen, và her polished movements can be attributed khổng lồ her dance training.

When she was younger, she learned ballet, while her current favourite exercise is yoga. Over time, it is no wonder that she has trained her disposition to be graceful & elegant.

4. She has many hidden talents 


Yea-ji has a wide variety of hobbies và interests. She once revealed on a show that she has eight different professional certifications ranging from teaching English to lớn children, origangươi lớn balloon art. Her most notable achievement is actually being certified in sex education.

She clarified that this certification wasn’t because she was interested in sex; she took it lớn educate herself and protect herself.

Her origami hobby helps her to relieve áp lực. She has loved the art form since young, and when she is feeling stressed, she would fold her troubles và worries inkhổng lồ roses. 

5. She speaks fluent Spanish 


Yea-ji studied in Spain for three years and graduated from Complutense University of Madrid’s Journalism faculty. In 2013, she debuted in the sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3, và had a scene with a Spanish actor where she showed off her mastery of the language.

The reason why she took up Spanish had lớn vì chưng with her low vocality. She said in an interview that she used to lớn hate her voice as it is low và lacked femininity. The bass unique, however, was perfectly suited for the European language.

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6. She is a bare-faced beauty


In the show, we see her sporting light, natural make-up. In reality, she rarely wears it. She takes a minimacác mục approach to skincare, unlượt thích the 10-step Korean skincare routine we’ve all heard of.

She focuses on removing make-up and hydration while ensuring that the skin isn’t excessively cleansed. There are four major steps to lớn her routine: cleansing, the use of toner, serum, và moisturiser.

Outside of work, she uses as little make-up as possible, believing that it harms & suffocates the skin.

In addition, her jet blaông xã locks are also a result of meticulous care. Yea-ji insists on not dyeing her hair for years và gets a tryên every three weeks to lớn ensure it looks smooth and lustrous.

7. She has history with Klặng Soo-hyun

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay isn’t the first partnership between Yea-ji và Soo-hyun. The two had collaborated on a pudding dessert commercial in 2015, when she played a shy girl-next-door.

8. She has worked with other famous male artistes

Besides Soo-hyun, Yea-ji has also worked with many notable male celebrities, including Lee Joon-gi (Lawless Lawyer), Ok Taecyeon (Save Me), Park Seo-joon (Hwarang), và Kyên Jae-wook (Another Way).

She also starred as the female lead in Big Bang’s Let’s Not Fall In Love music video & had many sweet moments with G-Dragon.

After working together on Lawless Lawyer with Joon-gi, she started gaining some fame internationally.

Joon-gi said he had a great impression of her and that while he was initially worried about working with her, he eventually discovered that she is a lively and deep person.

9. She had troubles filming her first intimate scene 


In 2017, she starred opposite Kyên ổn Jae-wook in the movie Another Way. The film follows the two characters as they are about khổng lồ commit suicide. Here, she faced the challenge of her first large-scale sex scene.

Filming for the scene took over 11 hours, and eventually a small drink calmed her nerves và she was able khổng lồ overcome her mental bloông chồng to finish the scene.

10. She's a warm-hearted person


While we see her as a steely cold person in the drama, she’s actually a warm-hearted woman who loves khổng lồ laugh. In her debut production Potakhổng lồ Star 2013QR3, Yea-ji & Go Kyung-pyo played bickering siblings và there were many hilarious quarrel scenes that showed off her comedic side.

She also got cthua thảm to lớn veteran actor Lee Soon-jae, who played her grandfather in the same production.

He revealed in the variety show Grandpas Over Flowers that after learning he was heading lớn Spain for a vacation, Yea-ji wrote a 10-page long guide lớn the Spanish language khổng lồ prepare hyên ổn in case of emergency. This moved hlặng deeply.