It only aired for a few months, but K-drama She Was Pretty is still on the minds và in the hearts of fans. The thắm thiết comedy originally aired from September to November 2015, quickly drawing in thousands of fans. This twisted tale provides many comedic và touching moments that are sure lớn make it one of your favorites.

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Meaningful lessons

The best part of She Was Pretty are the multiple lessons for viewers. The overarching theme of the series is lớn confront fears head-on rather than running from them. Previous beauty Hye-Jin is ashamed both of her new appearance and status in life, feeling she can’t face her newly attractive sầu friover Sung-Joon. So Hye-Jin asks her frikết thúc to meet with Sung-Joon instead.

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When Hye-Jin begins working as an intern at a magazine, she’s shocked when her main editor is Sung-Joon: the exact person she’d been avoiding. The lesson provided to viewers in She Was Pretty with this recurring conflict is that you can’t outrun your problems – they’ll continue lớn come baông chồng to haunt you.

Another important message shared by She Was Pretty is the importance of self-love sầu. While entertaining to watch, many fans have sầu noted the entire conflict in the show could be avoided if Hye-Jin simply had more confidence in herself. Hye-jin consistently tries lớn change her appearance in She Was Pretty. However, one of her coworkers begins khổng lồ fall in love with her based solely on her personality và charisma – not looks.

Overall, She Was Pretty is meaningful và entertaining, a great watch for anyone looking for a thắm thiết series with a great message.