Season 2 was even better than season 1 since it started exploring the characters" past as well as one on one friendships.

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The first season of How I Met Your Mother ended on quite a cliffhanger: Lily left Marshall khổng lồ pursue her passion for art, while Ted & Robin finally ended up together. Season 2 was even better than season 1 since it started exploring the characters" past as well as one on one friendships.

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Ted and Robin were together for the entirety of season 2 và it wasn"t long until Lily and Marshall also found their way back into each others arms. Its ending mirrored the first season"s conclusion. Lily and Marshall found their happiness, while Ted and Robin broke up.


The crew had a funeral to lớn attend to and so, they couldn"t watch Super Bowl in real time. They agreed they will avoid learning about the score since watching the Super Bowl became somewhat of a tradition in the last few years. Ted went as far as khổng lồ wear the "Sensory Deprivator 5000" khổng lồ block out any information and he was the only one who managed to not get Super Bowl ruined by the time he came back lớn the flat.

Robin found out because she works at the news station, while Barney couldn"t help but check the score since he had a lot of money riding on the game.


Robin & Ted missed a flight to lớn Chicago và they started debating whose fault was it. Ted didn"t show up at court that day, so he couldn"t be let on board. But why did he have a court date in the first place? Because Barney called him after running the marathon in Marshall"s stead. Marshall broke his toe because Robin walked in on him và surprised him.

The story led khổng lồ a lucky penny, a 1939 coin that Ted found on the subway. Future Ted then explained the butterfly effect of finding that penny: if it weren"t for that, he would never have met their mother.


A closer look at the show"s easter eggs reveals that Ted had actually dated a whole bunch of women in his life và this was the main theme of "Stuff": the title of the episode refers to lớn all the stuff that Ted"s exes gave him or left behind. In order khổng lồ not upset Robin, Ted said it was his sister that was a part of all these memories rather than his previous conquests.

The secondary storyline revolved around Lily và Barney: he told her what he really thought of her play, which didn"t sit well with her. She insisted friends should be, above else, nice to each other, and Barney really worked hard to lớn prove her wrong. Say what you will about Barney, but his honesty actually makes him a much better friend than Lily.


"Brunch" is the third episode of season 2. In this episode, Ted"s parents joined the group for brunch, which led khổng lồ a series of arguments. Marshall and Lily were broken up at a time, but they wanted to lớn get back at each other by looking as irresistible as possible. Robin wanted to make a good impression on Ted"s mom & took it the wrong way when she didn"t pressure them lớn have children.

In the end, it turned out that Ted"s parents got divorced. This episode introduced a whole bunch of things that were referenced in the future: Lily"s obsession with Marshall"s calves, Ted"s cousin Stacey, and Barney & Alfred"s curious bromance.

The next episode only got better: in "Ted Mosby: Architect", Ted and Robin had their first fight. Later on at the pub, Barney told Ted that women think architects are hot, so Ted wanted to check whether that"s true.

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The episode is driven by a series of misunderstandings, which is popular trope in Modern Family. Upset because of the fight, Robin went out khổng lồ look for Ted và got redirected from a buổi tiệc nhỏ to a club, but it later on turned out that it was Barney who pretended lớn be Ted in order khổng lồ get girls. Ted was actually working late at his office.

Season 2 explored Barney & Lily"s one on one friendship and those episodes were some of the best of the season. In "World"s Greatest Couple", Lily moved in with him since she had nowhere else lớn go after the break up. They got along extremely well: Lily pretended lớn be his wife when he needed khổng lồ get rid of his hook up and they even fell asleep together, watching the TV.

Meanwhile, Marshall struggled with his friend Brad - the way Brad acted towards Marshall made Marshall think that Brad might be in love with him.

Fast forward towards the over of season 2, "Something Borrowed" is an episode in which Marshall & Lily get married. Barney was having a great time, saying "It"s for the bride" whenever he wanted something. Marshall was having a bit of a crisis, shaving off some of his hair.

How I Met Your Mother copied Friends: in Friends, it was Joey who married Chandler & Monica, while in this show, Barney married Lily và Marshall. The two characters have more in common than just being womanizers.

"Something Blue" followed right after "Something Borrowed" và in it, Robin và Ted revealed that they broke up weeks before the wedding. They had a conversation about their future & it turned out (yet again) that they want different things.

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Even though they weren"t a good match, Robin remained one of Ted"s best girlfriends.

"Swarley" is the seventh episode of season 2 & its most memorable moment must be when Barney explains the science behind "crazy eyes" khổng lồ Marshall who is still single at this point and trying to lớn date.

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Lily struggled with the notion of Marshall dating other women & went as far as to lớn stalk his date Chloe. In the end, they ended up together, so it"s no wonder that the episode got such a high rating.

"Slap Bet" isn"t just one of the best episodes of season 2, it"s one of the best How I Met Your Mother episodes in general. Not only did it introduce the most memorable running joke of the series, the infamous slap bet, but it also revealed Robin"s past as a pop star.

"Let"s Go to lớn The Mall" was the first tuy vậy we heard from Robin Sparkles, but it wasn"t the last.

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