Just how attractive is kim jong

Does anyone else think they are dating? Episode 499 gave sầu me vibes that they are especially with her following him around and sitting next to lớn each other. I am also watching Mom’s diary & wouldn’t it be uncomfortable khổng lồ bring it up khổng lồ the moms if they weren’t?


I think they just have good on screen chemistry. I do though have a feeling they’re both dating someone. The couple line and teasing from members of them has so disappeared.

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Nah. Hong jin young just likes lớn đắm đuối it up for jokes và also attention. Your post pretty much proves the viral aspect of why she does it. And that’s probably why kjk plays along so much. I mean I’m sure he thinks she’s dễ thương tho

No, I don't think they are dating. Seem more lượt thích cchiến bại frikết thúc to lớn me. Not super cthua trận but cthua kém enough that can joke around with.

If they were dating, there were rumors that they might've stopped right before the SBS award shows last year.*

HJY had stated in an interview that she wanted to be with men that she felt more comfortable around.

If anything Episode 499 showed that they weren't dating. KJK made very specific jokes toward her looking at other men, which he usually does not with female guest. He also seemed way less into joking around this time around compared the previous times HJY had been on the show. Even the moms stopped making comments on Little Old Boy in regards wanting KJK to lớn go out with HJY after HJY's mother joined.

Can only find the article on AllKpop, which is not my favorite site, so I won't links it, but:

On April 16, Hong Jin Young guested on SBS Power FM's 'Klặng Young Chul's Power FM.' During the show, the DJ asked, "What's your relationship with Kim Jong Kook now?"<...>

Hong Jin Young replied, "That's a story of the past. We've sầu already become just cthua kém sunbae-hoobae. He's not my type. I like someone who I can be comfortable with," & emphasized their love line is old news.

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I feel lượt thích there's not a lot of room for interpretation there, unless you think she's outright lying. I personally think it's just meant to be a loveline. There are points where it feels like she's just kind of trying lớn annoy hyên because it's funny.

Idk but as a KJK tín đồ, I felt offended for hyên ổn. Straight out saying that he's not her type và that she's uncomfortable with hyên ổn is kinda rude for me, given that it was her who always does the first move. I get it that it's what the PDs told her lớn vày but after watching how she behaved in ep 499, gurl ya got me annoyed

Hes definitely got a girlfriover for sure though i still remember kwangaoo pulling out eye makeup from his van. Kyên ổn Jong Kook doesnt wear almost any makeup for the show or in general.

That being said yên ổn a delulu somin jongkook ahipper so i dont got much credibility.

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The eyeliner probably belongs lớn his stymenu Ji-Sun, doesn't have to be a girlfrikết thúc và the van is his manager Gap-Jin's main vehicle.

I remeber KJK said they have not contacting each other when not on camera..tBH though that old boy is too shy lớn interact imho

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