Ten years ago, Gotye released "Somebody That I Used lớn Know", a duet recorded with New Zealand singer Kimbra that went Platinum in australia a ridiculous 17 times, as well as going 14 times platinum in the United States, a notoriously difficult market lớn crack.

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It was the number one song in the Hottest 100 of 2011. It was the number one tuy nhiên just about everywhere at some stage. It"s đoạn phim was an iconic as its chorus, a key ingredient to lớn a song"s success in an era where YouTube began to reign supreme.

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It was covered lovingly and parodied ruthlessly, acclaimed by so many & maligned by a noisy & irritated few. Everyone had a stance on it. All traits of a truly viral, omnipresent hit.

For Gotye – real name Wally de Backer – it was all just really, really weird.

"I was having this odd experience," he told Double J in 2018.

"I was flushed with the success that kept surprising me. The scale of it, the way that it kept rolling on.

"But then also what I perceived as a pretty strong backlash. People saying "This tuy nhiên is plastered everywhere. I can"t go to a mall without hearing it. Whether I hate it or lượt thích it – I don"t want khổng lồ hear it anymore!""

"It was an interesting experience khổng lồ feel like, "Wow, it"s got such an addictive chất lượng and has crossed such unusual borders that it"s now so out of my hands. Maybe you should play it a bit less!?" 

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Listen lớn the Gotye J Files above. Or subscribe khổng lồ The J Files podcast.

Critics the world over have called the tuy nhiên an "unlikely hit". That stance is debatable and feels a little backhanded. But there"s no denying that de Backer was an unlikely pop star.

"I had these odd experiences where radio pluggers in the States – people who are lovely và working hard to lớn promote my music – I realised their perspective on how they relate lớn the music industry và what they vì with their job in it…" he said.

"I just had no idea about how they operated.

"They were so chuffed, patting me on the back saying, "Man, we"ve never seen a tuy vậy jump radio formats like this!".

"So, I had lớn go digging into "What are the radio formats in America? Why is it so important?" Things are so stratified over here. It was a funny experience."

It"s not all about America though. & for Wally de Backer, it"s not all about mainstream success, Grammy Awards, smashing chart records, và making tons of sweet cash. It"s about music, connection, and the unlikely lives his art can impact.

"It blew my mind where the tuy vậy had somehow travelled to," he told Double J.

"One that sticks in my mind, my friend Paul Dylan was on a trip in Nepal and he did some kind of bartering arrangement with a couple of monks to teach them guitar in exchange for helping him with meditation practice, or something lượt thích that.

"So, he went to lớn meet them for their guitar lesson, và these two monks – at the đứng top of a mountain in Nepal – ask him "Can you help us learn this song, "Somebody That I Used to Know""?"

Read all about Gotye"s life và career – straight from the man himself – in The J Files right here.