RAIN talks about what it"s lượt thích to be married to Hallyu star Kim Tae Hee. Considered one of the power couples in Korean entertainment industry, the singer-actor dishes out his work & how it affects his marriage.

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Rain Shares How Kim Tae Hee Reacts to his Works


The 39-year-old heartthrob recently appeared as a guest on MBC"s television show "Radio Star."

According khổng lồ SBS News, RAIN recalled his hit tuy nhiên "Where Are You Going, Oppa," featuring K-pop artist HyunA. It was initially released in February 2014, but the tuy nhiên recently gained attention because of its quality lyrics.

HyunA even revealed in a previous episode that her tuy nhiên with RAIN made him chuckle. "It"s a song that my boyfriend DAWN listens to lớn when he wants to lớn laugh," the songstress said at the time.

Meanwhile, RAIN recalled some of the lines which started with HyunA"s lines and sang, "Oppa, Oppa, where are you going, Oppa. Come here và play with me, Oppa. Listen to me, Oppa. You"ll die alone if you just keep working like that. You need to lớn have fun. Have fun with me, Oppa."

The singer-actor also added, "Oh, why? I"m busy. Oh, why? I"m busy. Go play with each other, girls. I"m too busy. My name is Ji-, but RAIN on stage. Everybody falls in love with me within seconds. That"s why I keep going back to perform. That"s why I"m busy today."

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As the actor finished a bit part và was asked by host Kim Gu Ra about Kim Tae Hee"s reaction regarding the track. He revealed that his wife does not meddle with his work and lets him vì chưng his job.

"In point of fact, my wife doesn"t interfere in my work in any way, so... Yeah..." he explained.

Kim Gu Ra joked that Kim Tae Hee might not have heard of the song, to lớn which he replied, "Ah, okay. I might as well go & teach her the tuy vậy tonight."

RAIN & Kim Tae Hee Love Story


(Photo : News 1 Korea)

In 2013, rumor sparked that RAIN & Kim Tae Hee were dating. It was only three months after the couple confirmed that they were in a relationship.

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Four years later, the nguồn couple got married in January 2017.

RAIN & Kim Tae Hee"s wedding reportedly cost around 1.3 million KRW or 1,600 USD at the time.

The ceremony, which was held at Gahoe-dong Cathedral in Seoul & was described as a low-key and very intimate wedding, was attended by around 100 close friends và family.


(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Two months after the wedding, Kim Tae Hee"s agency Lua Entertainment announced in May Kim"s that the actress was pregnant with their first child. She then gave birth to a daughter in October 2017.

While RAIN & Kim Tae Hee continue their happy married life, the singer-actor revealed that it took him a long time to lớn date the actress.

In one of the episodes of Netflix"s "The Hungry và The Hairy," he shared that he was rejected five times before winning her heart.

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